Written by Luly
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

Even if you have been prepared for this for a long time and Professor Karkaroff has trained you to be the best in the arena, you still can’t fight the fear that’s growing inside you. Because it doesn’t matter if you are a fighter–you have been trained in the Dark Arts and you are a skilled duelist–you are no killer. Growing up with the shadow of your grandfather being killed, it isn’t in your nature to perform what you’ve learned to end someone else’s life…someone innocent, above all.

But here, it all comes down to this: kill or be killed.

You repeat those words in your head as you rise on your platform, taking in the sights of the arena, glimpsing the other 23 Tributes that will soon be your mortal enemies. Some don’t seem to be a match for your expertise in combat and agility, but you know that those who lack physical force are strong in mind and strategy, traits which you aren’t as skilled.

You remember Professor Karkaroff’s advice, how he told you many times that you have to go straight to the Cornucopia, taking down as many people as you can in the way. But he never understood your essence, he never understood that you will avoid killing the more you can. And you are sure he underestimated your opponents. But you know better; they could hurt you and even take you down. Some of them are more skilled in spell-casting than you are, some of them equal your agility. Some, like Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory, are Seekers, just as you are.  And they are, you know, just as good.

The clock is ticking and you have never been good for strategy, but now your choice can either help you survive or get you killed. On one side, you can do what you’re supposed to and go for the Cornucopia to get your wand, that Gregorovitch wand that belongs only to you. On the other, you could run away and trust your powerful instincts, the ones you know you have, to survive on your own, with only the supplies you can see closer to you.

Should you:
A.) Go for the Cornucopia and fight until you reach your wand
B.) Run away and rely on your physical strength to survive on your own