When the gong sounds, you run as fast as you can toward the Cornucopia. Many are attempting to reach it, hungry for the plethora of wands, potions, broomsticks, even items from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. And, is that a Remembrall you see? How would that benefit anyone in here? you think.

You're fast on your feet, of course, and ahead of the others. All you need is that love potion and a wand, which are in the middle of the Cornucopia. No problem, you think smugly.

While sprinting, though, your eyes catch something not far in front of you. A little stone. With your supreme skills and memory, you're aware that this is no ordinary stone. A bezoar! Who knows what dangerous and poisonous food there will be in the arena? This will prove handy as an antidote. You grab the stone before others see it.

However, stopping to pick up the bezoar has slowed you down. Cedric Diggory has already reached the Cornucopia, grabbing a Firebolt broomstick you also had your eye on. Viktor Krum has reached the base of the horn and grabs a stray wand and a bottle of what looks like Polyjuice Potion. (You make a mental note of that, especially since you know every guy would want to look like you). You are still several yards away and see that even Ginny Weasley will reach it before you. Do you continue on?

Should you:
A.) Continue toward the middle of the Cornucopia
B.) Run away