You are confident that between your highly connected, rich father and Professor Slughorn, you'll get plenty of sponsor gifts. Why risk your life so early in the Games? The gong sounds and you sprint swiftly away from your platform, glancing back to see if Hermione is following you with her eyes. But you see that she's joined hands with Weasley and is taking off toward the Cornucopia.

Slightly deflated, you continue ahead, clearly beating your opponents. On the way you scoop up a small package lying on the ground. The Gamemakers seemed to have strewn some supplies here and there, the greatest prizes near the Cornucopia, of course. You pocket it to look at later and continue your sprint toward the tall grass, but it doesn't seem to provide much shelter from the spells now being cast by Tributes who have reached the Cornucopia.

You duck down just in time to avoid a Confringo curse sent in your direction. As it explodes just to your right, the tall grass catches fire. Now you have another problem on your hands. You obviously can't stay in the burning grass.

Should you:
A.) Take cover in the trees nearby
B.) Head for the dark forest, where many other Tributes are heading