A bell rings, and you and the other Tributes rise from the table and set off toward the third floor which has been re-purposed to serve as a Training Center. As you climb the staircase, you walk as closely as you can behind Luna, ensuring that your mouth is just inches from the back of her head.

"We need to try to spread the word. We can't do this all on our own," you whisper.

You watch as Luna gives you a small nod before you slow your pace and allow yourself to get swallowed up once again in the crowd of students. At the top of the stairs, you watch as your peers begin to disperse, splitting up to enter the open classrooms where they can learn anything from magical arts like defensive spells and potion making to muggle activities like building a fire or throwing knives. Each station is run by an expert in the field-- which means that in addition to the Ministry appointed instructors, almost all of your Hogwarts professors are here.

If you could let one of them in on your idea, maybe they could help. You know Professor Sprout, your assigned mentor, best; but, perhaps it would be better to talk to someone else; someone who knows the inner-workings of the Dark Lord's plans.

Someone like Professor Snape.

Should you:
A.) Approach Professor Sprout
B.) Approach Professor Snape