Written by Shylah Addante, Adam Spunberg, Courtney Custodio, & Savanna New
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

The smell of toast and fried eggs is almost too much for you to resist, but even as your stomach roars in protest, you sit, hands in your pockets, holding Luna's gaze. You can't risk drawing attention to yourselves now, and eating a robust meal while the others sit in stunned silence would most certainly raise some eyebrows. Instead, you grip the Galleon in your pocket tightly, painfully, trying to distract yourself from your hunger. It's a fake. Completely worthless should you decide to purchase a pack of dungbombs or a Chocolate Frog; but should you need to plan a rebellion, the copy's value increases immensely.

Lord Voldemort had given each Tribute the opportunity to carry a possession from home into the Arena. Immediately you knew your token would be the fake Galleon from your days as a member of Dumbledore's Army; knew that this kind of covert communication would prove to be invaluable as almost all of the Tributes would have access to them. It was so perfect. Surely all of the old DA would bring their Galleons, and together you could plan your way out of here. After the first day of training, had sent out a message via the coin, fully expecting that Harry, Ron, and Hermione to already have an escape plan in the works.

But you had failed to factor in the crushing impact that the Reaping had on your classmates. Out of the nearly twenty former DA members, only one student answered you. Only Luna still clung to the hope of finding a way out of this mess.

It was a harsh realization that so many of your friends had resigned themselves to death, but together with Luna, you had sworn to stand against the Dark Lord, and, hopefully, along the way save as many of your friends as possible. But with limited time and the Ministry constantly watching, it will be nearly impossible to spread the word.

Should you:
A.) Coordinate a plan on your own
B.) Try to recruit someone else to help