You miss the days of Dumbledore’s Army, the Order of the Phoenix, all the great unions of good wizards who fought for what was good and right. Now, there’s only two of you left, and even though everyone has always underestimated you, that still may not be enough.

The two of you head to the Room of Requirement -- luckily, nobody considered the two of you enough of a threat to guard you -- its trusty doors opening now when you need them to more than ever. You start to strategize, when all of a sudden you hear a cracking sound at the wall. To your horror, you see Professor Umbridge, her pink lipstick and clothes all fresh and somehow, despite being scented, they seem putrid to you.

“Like I even needed the Inquisitorial Squad!” she shrieks, almost a Bellatrix-like squeal.

“Just kills us already!” you exclaim, Luna taking your hand.

“Oh, I will,” she says smirking. “In the Games. Pansy will do it for me”.

The Rebellion has failed!