When the bell goes off, all the Tributes rise as one and then disperse to their various practice areas, most going up to the third floor and to the classrooms that have been transformed into training rooms. Tracing your index finger lazily along the delicate lines of brickwork while ascending the stairwell, you feel Neville's breath warm on your neck as he whispers into your ear, "We need to try to spread the word. We can't do this all on our own."

That seems like a fine idea, so you nod politely as he melts back into the crowd.

You remember him mentioning something to you about Vanishing Cabinets before breakfast. That should help. You're worried, however, because you know Vanishing Cabinets serve as the perfect hiding place for Heliopaths. If you don't want this nascent Rebellion to go up in cinders, you need to look for additional forms of transportation out of the Arena tomorrow--just in case.

But what? you think, trying to rack your brain. Some, more ignorant people might think that Crumple-Horned Snorkacks would be ideal for riding upon and flying out, but of course you know that such creatures cannot actually fly. Thestrals would be a safer bet.

You're continuing to run through your options when you bypass the third floor corridor and make your way toward the Astronomy Tower instead. You know precisely who you need to speak to.

Making your long, winding way up the creaking stairs, ever watchful for cunning Nargles lurking underneath the boards, you finally feel the breeze caress your face as you reach the battlements at the top of the tower.

There, gazing out across the Hogwarts grounds toward the farther reaches of the country is your Mentor, Remus Lupin.

"Hello, Mr. Lupin!" you greet.

He doesn't turn around. "Luna, I told you it was dangerous to seek me out like this." You of course haven't shared even with him your and Neville's ideas for Rebellion in full. But he is at least aware that you don't plan on participating in the Games on You-Know-Who's terms. He actually forbade you from revealing to him any specifics. The less I know of what you're planning, the better, you recall him telling you. You're sure he was worried about someone using Legilimency on him. All I can do is impart to you the skills you'll need to survive... whichever path you choose.

"But I need your help," you say, coming up alongside him and taking in the view. "I can't do this alone, I'm afraid."

Finally, he drops his head, and when he turns to face you, he looks like he's aged years since you two last saw each other yesterday. "You already have help. I caught on to more than you think in this refusal of yours to play the Games as designed. And..." he continues, running a nervous hand through his increasingly untidy hair, "I have sought the involvement of some of the other Order members. The enchantments surrounding the barriers are comprised of intricate spells. It will require a great concentration of magical abilities if we're to bring them down."

"Oh, that's wonderful! Thank you, Mr. Lupin."

"Yes, but it is all supposed to be secret. The more ears that hear about this--and the more minds that think on it--the greater the danger will be for the whole operation.

"Secrecy is paramount in Rebellion, Luna."

You nod serenely.

Lupin steps away from the battlement and places a hand on your shoulder. "I'm very proud of you for standing up for your convictions." You think that's a very kind thing for him to say, seeing a smile finally come to his lips. "I have little doubt that you and this Rebellion will go far. You are a Ravenclaw--so act wisely! Be mindful of whom you confide in. I trust that, presented with a difficult dilemma, you and those who follow after you will always make the right choice."

"Of course we will. That's the only way, right?"

He nods. "I must go now. Much work to do before tomorrow, as I trust you do too," he says with a wink, then turns to leave.

"Mr. Lupin!" you call out, and he turns around one more time. "If you see my father, please tell him I'll be alright."

You see his eyes moisten as he regards you. "You have my word, Luna."

As he departs, you know you must get busy too. Your stomach growls, and you realize a bit ruefully that you never ate much of that lovely breakfast earlier. Pity that.

Should you:
A.) Go down to the kitchens and get something to eat?
B.) Focus on recruiting allies and fomenting rebellion, not your bloody appetite!