Even though Dumbledore's Army has disbanded, and the Order of the Phoenix has scattered who knows where, at least you and Neville still have each other. If nothing else, you'll just face this great threat alone, and try not to endanger any of the others.

To that end, the two of you proceed to the Room of Requirement after breakfast. Apparently, no one considered this friendless duo enough of a threat to stick guards with. The direly needed doors open for you, but they aren't quite closed yet when you hear the crack sound letting you know that they're reopening.

Once the horrible, pink-clad form of Professor Umbridge strides furiously into the room, you begin to believe that maybe they didn't think you were so harmless after all. That's actually quite flattering of them, you think, but also kind of horrible when you get down to it.

"Like I even needed the Inquisitorial Squad!" Umbridge declares, her indignant expression seared with triumph.

Neville takes your hand. "Just kill us already!" You don't think this is his best idea, though.

"Oh, I will," she replies, and her lips have never looked more toad-like than when she makes the pronouncement. "In the Games. Miss Parkinson will do it for me."

"Just so you know," Neville adds, "Trevor was a way cuter toad than you'll ever be."

"Mr. Longbottom," she says, squirming, "you must not tell lies."

With your failure, the Rebellion is doomed!