Grabbing the crystal ball, you sprint away to the opposite direction. You wonder for a fleeting second about your sister and hope that she has managed to evade the bloodbath behind you. You turn around in the hope of glimpsing a familiar face, but you’re already too far away from any familiarity. All you can see are jets of multicolored lights, undoubtedly from wands, lighting up the sky like some grotesque fireworks extravaganza.

At this point you don’t know where you’re going, let alone how you’re going to survive, but you can already hear the screams and shouts behind you. Now you’re glad that you didn’t wait around, but there’s still a small part of you that wonders whether you’d be able to obtain something more useful than just a little crystal ball. You know that the wands in the Cornucopia would have been absolutely priceless to anyone, but they would only be obtained by the strongest Tributes and clearly you are not one of them.

You remind yourself that you are a Gryffindor and that bravery will come naturally to you. But despite this, a sort of hopeless panic sets in, rendering the excitement of the previous moments invalid and forcing you to accept the grim situation. The sounds of several cannons go off, one after the other, echoes of the lives lost.

You realize you seem to have been running forever, but you are only halfway to any sort of cover. Then the unmistakable sound of footsteps becomes apparent nearby. In your opinion, they’re gaining speed and too close to be anything good. Glancing behind you for a quick instance, you see a person, but the glare of the sun, combined with your speed makes it hard for you to make out a face. But as the intensity of the footsteps draw closer, a surge of adrenaline forces you onward and you wonder how exactly you’ll flee from your unseen enemy. You know you have nothing to defend yourself, save a solitary crystal ball, so your only means of survival must be through hiding.

To your left stands a dark forest, undoubtedly filled with unpleasant creatures that would gladly shred you to pieces; while on your right is a vast open field where anything sinister could be hiding in the tall grass. The footsteps are gaining on you and you need to get to cover soon.

Should you:
A.) Go to the field
B.) Go to the forest