Written by Natalie Zutter & Srijita Pal
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

As you rise up in the glass cylinder, your eyes are dry. You’ve already spent a week of nights crying--curled up in the same bed as Padma, her stroking your hair, and then you doing the same for her when she breaks down--over the unbelievable cruelty of this. Now, you’re ready.

The glass whooshes down around you, and you try to keep yourself perfectly still; you know what happens if you take even a step off the metal disc before the minute is up. You force yourself not to look at your friends and classmates while the seconds tick by, but instead to focus on the massive Cornucopia bristling with spellbooks, armor, Quidditch balls, and wands, the latter looking like little matchsticks. You squint, trying to figure out if yours is among them, but it’s too far away to tell.

The gong rings and wizards and witches move into action, some sprinting for the Cornucopia and others running horizontally or already into the woods. You run toward the Cornucopia, eyes darting to your opponents for sneak attacks. But you have no idea what you want to pick up, what could be of best use to you.

Many of them snatch up whatever wands they can reach, and the old standby--Accio!--has weapons flying into hands. Voices scream spells, and wizards are already dropping. Your stomach roils, from the gore and the muscles starting to cramp in your legs.

A spell sizzles past you; the stench of burning hair fills your nose. You careen off-course and duck behind a rock, panting.

Something glints in your peripheral vision--you whip your head around and see, of all things, a crystal ball cushioned on a stand set far apart from the Cornucopia. You think briefly of Professor Trelawney and wonder if she could have orchestrated an object getting to you this early in the Games.

“Crystal ball, crystal ball,” you whisper to yourself. Is it worth picking up?

Should you:
A.) Grab the crystal ball
B.) Run away without a weapon