Instantly you feel the danger all around you: In a moment, your friends have all turned into killing machines. You stick to your decision and sprint to the Cornucopia to retrieve your wand. As you close in on the Cornucopia, you spot a wand stuck in the dirt. You take hold of the nondescript grey wand, standard for the Games, and pull it from the hard earth. You can't help but think how much you long for your own wand, but your reverie is short lived when a curse sent flying your way forces you to dodge. You move too fast and fall backward, smacking into the dirt with a thud.

Seeing one of the Tributes approaching you out of the corner of your eye, you freeze in your panic and close your eyes in a cringing grimace, bracing yourself for the worst. But the voice you hear couldn't be more familiar.

"Come on, Padma!" it says, sounding very rushed. You open your eyes to see Parvati. Do you trust your sister or get up and take off on your own?

Should you:
Make an alliance with Parvati?
Go it alone?