As most of the other Tributes take off toward the Cornucopia, you know you have a better chance of surviving by playing it safe and taking off in the opposite direction of the bloodbath. Only a few paces out, you already hear curses and screams coming from your fellow students, followed by repeated cannonfire.

Your sense of panic at the reality of the violence all around and so near to you is beginning to be too much, when you almost collide with another witch.

"Oh hello, Padma!" says Luna Lovegood in her high, pleasant voice, with all the gravity of one sitting down to an afternoon picnic.

Still, the sight of a fellow Ravenclaw is a most welcome one right now--and you notice to your comfort that Luna is unarmed.

"Luna!" you say, catching your breath. "It's good to see you. Shall we hide somewhere together?" You're trying not to let your nervousness show.

"Sure, let's! My father's been tracking the layout of the Arena. I think I know a pretty safe spot."

You follow her as she leads you straight into the forest, albeit from a different point than where you see your fellow Tributes heading in. After marching for what feels like hours, you start to notice how peculiar the vegetation looks.

Devil's Snare? you think, but you know what a Devil's Snare looks like. This clearly isn't it. As you gaze at the leafy plants hanging down with small white orbs attached, you realize you're looking at mistletoe. "We should keep going," Luna says, "you never know where the Nargles might be hiding."

Nargles? you think as tiny blue fairy-like creatures start to emerge from the mistletoe. That's when you realize Luna is mistaken about the Nargles--these are actually Doxies! Before you can run even a few paces, swarms of Doxies are upon you both. The venomous bite from one would be no problem for a veteran witch such as yourself, but multiple bites from dozens all at the same time are too much for your young body to withstand. You scream and flail until you can do no more than lie still, forever.