Written by Crystal Watanabe
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

As your eyes adjust to the glaring sunlight, you look around to get your bearings. The Cornucopia lies directly ahead with a large patch of forest beyond; much too far for you to run for safety. To your right lies a large field of grass, though the thought of rats sends a shiver down your spine.

On the left there appears to be a cliff edge, but you aren't close enough to see anything below. You glance behind you and see a large lake with a small island in the middle. Only a few small trees and bushes offer cover, but you see what appears to be a small locked chest.

You look around for Cho, but can't see her at any of the platforms near you. She must be on the other side of the Cornucopia, near the forest. Realizing that you've been strategically placed far away from her, you begin to weigh your options.

Running towards the Cornucopia would not only give you a much needed wand and bring you closer to Cho, but could also mean a very early death in the initial bloodbath. Various items are scattered around you, including a key, some chocolate frogs and a copy of your mentor's book Magical Me, his smile glinting in the sunlight.

Suddenly you spy a clump of gillyweed slightly to your right. This could mean safety in the lake and give you enough time to formulate a better plan. Perhaps the key opens the chest on the island and its contents would give you a significant advantage.

Should you:
A.) Go to the Cornucopia to retrieve a wand
B.) Run away