Deciding that Cho will be fine running to the forest on her own, you turn and ready yourself to run straight for the field when the gong sounds. The signal rings out with a loudness that startles you and you race off as fast as you can. As you run, you pick up a small blanket and a skin pouch.

On the next platform, Lavender Brown has run in and you wonder to yourself how long she'll last against the Careers. You wonder what possessed her to try that strategy.

You're almost to the field when you hear screams. To your left, Pansy Parkinson is fighting with Hermione Grainger. The two girls are savagely pulling at each others' hair and you think you even see Hermione clawing at Pansy's face. No one is chasing you and the fight is oddly fascinating.

Should you:
A.) Stop and watch the catfight
B.) Keep going to the field?