You sprint toward the Cornucopia faster than you've ever run in your life. Incredibly, you outpace the other Tributes, and are able to grab the sword and Remembrall before anyone else reaches the golden horn. Not bothering to take stock of the battle raging around you, you turn to run back out of the fray.

You start moving, but between the screams and spells, fail to notice an area of Devil's Snare rooted in your escape route. Your foot catches on a stray vine, and you fall, the deadly vines entrapping you. Without a wand, you think that this is your end. You close your eyes and wait for the moment when you will no longer be able to breathe, the moment when life will leave you. But, just as the pain of the crushing vines reaches a crescendo, a girl's voice is next to your ear.


The tightness of the plant immediately disappears, and you open your eyes to find Hannah and Luna standing above you. They could have let you die; after all, isn't that the point of these Games? But, against all odds, these two have extended an olive branch to you, and, though you realize at some point you might be the one that has to kill them, you owe them your life. You at least need to consider the option.

Should you:
A.) Make an alliance with Luna and Hannah
B.) Go it alone