Written by Kim Denny-Ryder, Cecilia Bonfim, Tami, & Sandra
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

You are standing around the Cornucopia with twenty-three other tributes. Many of them are your fellow Gryffindors, good friends you've known for years. It's hard for you to think that only one of you is getting out of this Arena alive. Everyone is facing the same conditions, the same terrain, the same lack of resources; but for those brave enough, there are a ton of useful objects waiting at the Cornucopia. Though running for them could cost you your life.

You can see that there are some plants waiting in the Cornucopia, and, as you've always been good at Herbology, it's tempting.  However, the forest off to your side is probably full of other plants that could prove to be just as valuable; and those plants wouldn't require you placing yourself in the middle of what is sure to be a bloodbath.  You are almost resigned to making a run for the woods when, suddenly, something silver catches your eye.

The Sword of Gryffindor lies glinting in the sun next to a Remembrall, both of which can only be meant for you. You begin looking around at the other Tributes, and catch Harry eyeing the sword.  You know that he used it in the Chamber of Secrets and will probably want it again.

Suddenly, you hear the horn, and you don't have time to consider the matter further.

Should you:
A.) Go for the Cornucopia and grab the sword and Remembrall
B.) Run Away