As the other tributes scramble toward the Cornucopia, you run directly to your wand and the diadem, ever conscious of avoiding the fateful Loser's Lurgy. The sun is shining brighter than your father's hair, so you shade your eyes with your hand. As the Cornucopia becomes clearer, you realize that Neville has found his wand already and now stands between you and your own wand.

Your heart drops a little, as you've always been fond of Neville and here you are unsure of whether or not he means to kill you. You lock eyes with him, trying to read his facial expressions as he does the same with you. It will eventually come down to kill or be killed, and you might be able to dive for your wand and attack Neville. Or, if you can trust that he will remain loyal, you can form an alliance with him and have him guard you while you grab the wand and diadem.

You are fast approaching the Cornucopia and must now make your choice:

Should you
A) Form an alliance with Neville?
B) Attack him and go it alone?