It is chaos. You run to the satchel only to find that you and Pansy Parkinson are racing for the same object. She jumps and tackles you to the ground. She reaches for the satchel and makes a run for it. Frantic, you look around and see a wand on the ground that Pansy missed while running from you. You run after her with everything you have, scoop up the wand, shout, “STUPEFY!” to stun her.

It does a good enough job that it takes her down. (You’re just not ready to actually kill anyone yet.) You rip the satchel from her clutches and swing it onto your shoulder and put your new wand in the bag.

People are dying left and right and you’re about to run away when you see Katie Bell running toward you. You are not sure if she comes with good intentions or bad.

Should you:
A.) Form an alliance with Katie Bell
B.) Go it alone and run away