Written by Courtney Custodio
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

You are standing on a metal plate rising into the arena. You look around and see a forest, flat lands, and a large body of water in the far, far distance. There are Tributes lined up all around the Cornucopia: many you know and are friends with, others you’d prefer not to tangle with. One thing is for sure, death is in the air.

You try to catch Ron Weasley’s eye, since the two of you were quite good at snogging back at Hogwarts. He would be a perfect ally for you in the arena, but he won’t even make eye contact with you. Looking around, you wonder which other boys might want to partner up with you. Why not have a little fun while we’re here? you think. Besides, the Ministry has made you wear these hideous, plain black robes and didn’t even allow you to wear your signature hair bow. You’ve got to try to make what could be your last moments of life a little enjoyable. But as you look around once more, most of the other Tributes are looking toward the giant Cornucopia in the center of your circle of platforms.

There are many magical weapons at the mouth of the Cornucopia, in addition to wands and supplies scattered all around it. You notice a satchel of supplies forty feet from you, the closest item available to you.

The gong sounds.

Should you:
A.) Make a run for the supplies
B.) Run away