The gong echoes in your ear. You sprint madly toward the wand, silently thanking Madam Hooch for her insistence that you practice running. You close in on the wand, slide to a stop, grab it with your right hand, and pivot to run away. Before you can begin your escape, the sounds of the ensuing bloodbath reach your ears. You see, out of the corner of your eye, a shock of red hair running toward you. Not taking any chances, you veer sharply to your left as a shower of blood splatters your hair. Against your better judgement, you risk a glance behind you. Shocked at what you see, stumble toward the shelter of a nearby rock, feeling nauseous. You turn your head and vomit into the grass. When you are empty, you quiet your heavy breathing and listen for sounds of approaching people. Silence, except for the distant death cries of your fellow students. You force yourself to inhale slowly and deeply. Only when you are sure no one has followed you, do you begin to process what just happened. One Weasley down, you think miserably. This was not at all like a Quidditch game against Slytherin as Madam Hooch had tried to suggest. These are your friends and schoolmates, not opponents or enemies. You shudder as you inspect the wand you managed to grab. Definitely birch, at least 14 inches long. Much bigger than you are used to, but it will have to do. Quietly, you try to summon a nearby berry. It wobbles on its stem for a few moments before zooming into your hand. Well, at least something is going right, you think.

Suddenly, you hear approaching footsteps and spells being shouted. It's time to leave your hiding spot. Ahead, you can see an enchanted forest similar to the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts, and an open field that seems much friendlier, though it lacks cover besides the tall grasses.

Before you can make up your mind, you hear footsteps coming from the other side of the rock. Muffled voices float on the air by your ears. Not sure what to expect, you ready your wand and prepare to fight. Surprisingly, Fred and George Weasley pop up on either side of the rock, while Angelina peeks down from over the top.

"Hi," they whisper in a chorus. Stunned, you stare back at them, your wand and spell forgotten. "Wanna join us? Quidditch Alliance?" Fred asks.

"You have a wand," George adds. "We could use one."

As if answering your unasked question, Angelina speaks, "We stayed far away from the Cornucopia. We have no supplies or anything. We were hoping we could make it on our own, what with my speed and Fred and George's creativity, but we need a wand."

"Come on, Bell," Fred pleads. "We need you."

It doesn't sound like they need you, just your wand. They could kill you the minute they took your wand. Although, if they were telling the truth, they could make valuable allies.

Should you:
A.) Go it alone, relying on your speed and knowledge to save you
B.) Make a Quidditch Alliance with Angelina, Fred, and George, and risk having to fight for your life