You are Draco

"I think it's best if we go to my mansion," you say authoritatively. "I want to ask my father some questions about Marvolo Gaunt's ring. We don't even know if it's actually one of the horcruxes. And you all know my father is very knowledgeable about all things Slytherin."

They all agree to your suggestion, which makes you feel deliciously powerful. Maybe being on Potter's side has some perks. You like feeling strong and popular. But just as you're about to leave, you're surprised to see Hermione tap you on the shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze.

"I'm going to look for the Locket with Cormac and Krum," she tells you, "but I just wanted to wish you good luck." She pauses awkwardly. "I mean, now that you're fighting for good, maybe I ought to be a little more encouraging."

"Thank you," you reply, feeling a strange sensation inside of you. "You know," you start, stunned by the words that are preparing to leave your mouth, "if I hadn't been born into such an aristocratic pureblood family, maybe I would have turned out differently. If I could wind back the clock, maybe we could have even been friends."

"Well, Draco," she answers in a huff. "I never knew you had this side to you." Perhaps your eyes deceive you, but you're almost positive there's a shade of red across her cheeks. Then, as if to prove that she was unaffected, she adds, "And if you had paid attention at Hogwarts, you would know you can wind back a clock by using a time turner. Though of course, not for personal uses."

"Except to take extra classes," you blurt out.

"You knew I did that?" she asks in amazement.

"I... ummm …. may have paid more attention to you than it seemed sometimes. Probably because you're the smartest witch I've ever known."

You stare at each other for a moment that seems frozen in time, as if struck by a petrifying curse. Then she turns and leaves you to your mission, wondering what could have been. But she looks back again and adds, "Be careful, Draco. That ring … must be destroyed. It can do things to the person who wears it. If you find it, maybe let Pansy carry it?"

You look around you and then -- with a sense of purpose -- declare, "I will take the ring. Though I do not know the way."

"We will ‘elp!" Fleur assures you as Pansy looks on jealously.

The three of you step outside, lock arms, and apparate to the vast fields that surround your gargantuan estate. It appears your father is away.

"Follow me!" you exclaim with a rejuvenated spirit, leading them through hallways and staircases until you enter the room you grew up in. The scent of wealth ruminates off the walls, from the gold-plated book covers to the lavish silk sheets. You have known nothing but privilege your whole life, and it has spoiled you rotten.

"You have a teddy bear?" Pansy asks in disbelief, jumping lewdly across your bed and swooping the brown furry animal up in her arms.

"Put Albus Severus down!" you shout with fury.

"Albus Severus?" Fleur asks while laughing hysterically. "You named zis teddy bear after Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape?"

You're about to defend yourself when a mysterious bird flies through your window, singing one of the most beautiful themes you've ever heard in your life. It reminds you of those peaceful summers you spent in Provence with your family. It was one of the few happy moments in your troubled childhood.

"I've ‘eard of zis magical bird," Fleur says excitedly. "I think zey are called Mockingjays. Zey can sing actual words."

And as if right on cue, the bird starts singing a short melody.

One ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all,
And in District 12, bind them.
In the land of the Capitol, where the shadows lie!

"District 12? Capitol?" you mutter.

"Isn't zis in Panem?" Fleur recalls suddenly.

Should you:
A.) Go to the Capitol?
B.) Go to District 12?