You are Hermione

"I think we need to start at Grimmauld Place," you suggest after waiting several seconds for Viktor or Cormac to offer up any suggestions of their own.

"Are ve more likely to vind something there?" Krum questions.

"I don't know," you admit, "but we'll do better off fighting a few enchantments than the entire force of the Ministry. Not to say it's not an option if 12 Grimmauld Place doesn't work, but we would need to prepare first."

Cormac seems to have agreed that this option is the lesser of two evils. "Is it in London? Can we ride our brooms?"

"Well, no. It's hidden."

Viktor shoots you a quizzical look. "Do you know how to make it reveal itself?"

"How do we get in?" Cormac asks as if he never heard Viktor at all.

You can't imagine making it to the locket without putting a Bat Bogey Hex on Cormac along the way. Still, you force yourself to keep calm long enough to tell them the plan. "I know the location well enough, so I can apparate us all onto the doorstep. We can get in from there."

You beckon the boys forward. Such careful side-by-side apparation requires that all parties involved be holding hands. It's a thought that leaves your stomach in an uncomfortable knot.

With lightning speed, you snatch up Viktor's hand and pull out your wand. When Cormac cockily reaches for you, you wave your wand at him. "I'm afraid I've got to be prepared in case we face intruders. You'll have to grab Viktor's hand."

Cormac looks perplexed for a moment, but his facial expression soon smooths out. "I've always wanted to hold the hand of a Quidditch legend. Though you certainly come in close second, my dear!"

He winks at you, then greedily snatches up Krum's hand.

"Vat if I need my vand?" Viktor looks weary.

"Don't worry," you assure him. "I'll keep you safe."

With that, you close your eyes and concentrate hard on the entrance to 12 Grimmauld Place. You feel the pressure in your ears as you apparate, the world whipping and whirling all around. You land roughly on the steps at 12 Grimmauld Place, almost tumbling over onto the sidewalk.

"Alohamora!" you call out before the others have managed to take in their surroundings. The door creaks open eerily. All three of you keep your wands at the ready as you enter, preparing for the worst.

Down the end of the hall, a misty figure begins to form into the shape of Professor Dumbledore, but he's not the same professor you know. This Dumbledore is frightening and enraged and soon enough, he's charging toward you. You panic as you try to think of a spell to fight off this enchantment, but you're not able to come up with anything on the spot.

Before it curses you with all its might, the silvery shadow of Dumbledore bursts into little tiny pieces of dust and scatters across the floor. You search the entry way briefly, looking for any other tricks or traps, before declaring it safe.

"That was it?" Cormac complains. "You had us thinking this place would be fire and brimstone and death around every corner and all we had to do was withstand a giant dust bunny shaped like Dumbledore?!"

Viktor gives him a pointed look, then shrugs. "Ve could alvays attack you, if you do not feel threatened enough."

"Nevermind that," you snap. The sooner you figure this out, the sooner you can get back to the others. "We're here for R.A.B., remember?"

The three of you creep upstairs to an old study, where the Black family tree is sprawled across the walls. In an ornate desk, you find heavy books containing extensive records of all known and suspected Death Eaters.

"Do you haf any ideas?" Viktor asks after watching you study the books for a few minutes.

"Initially, I would have suspected Sirius' younger brother, Regulus Arcturus Black, but there's another entry that may also make sense."

"And who is that?" Cormac asks from across the room, where he's thrown himself across a dusty old sofa.

You tap your finger on the page. "Ricky A. Bobby."

"Who?" asks Viktor.

"Wait!" Cormac is practically skipping toward you. "I've heard of him! Shake and bake, right?"

You execute a facepalm as Viktor asks Cormac for an explanation.

"It's a two-man catch phrase!" Cormac tells him. "I say ‘Shake', you say ‘and bake!' Presto!"

You lift your head just in time to see Viktor and Cormac bump fists.


"And bake!" Viktor cheers. Apparently, male immaturity knows no international boundaries.

"We should look into him first!" Cormac decides, suddenly very interested in the hunt for answers.

Should you:
A.) Look for more information on Ricky A. Bobby?
B.) Look for more information on Regulus A. Black?