You are Hermione

Cormac's "private bedrooms" comment has rattled you so before anyone can suggest otherwise you say, "I'm thinking the Ministry would be the best bet."

Viktor shrugs. "Vatever you think is good, Hermy-own-ninny."

Cormac rolls his eyes. "Fine. And jeez, Krum. Stop being such a brown-noser."

Viktor touches his nose. "Vat? Do I haf something..."

"No, Viktor," you say, gently pulling his hand away from his face while Cormac snickers. You round on him, giving him your best death glare. "Behave, Cormac."

"You can't boss me around like you do Weasley or Potter or Krum!" Cormac says harshly.

"Fine," you say, "but your snarking isn't getting us anywhere."

You think you hear Cormac mumble something under his breath.

"What was that?" you ask, your temper flaring up.

"I said, I'll show you!'" Cormac shouts, and he grabs your hand and Viktor's at the same time. You feel that familiar feeling of being tightly squeezed and you try to hang on as best as you can so as not to get splinched. You can't believe Cormac has done this and can only hope Viktor will be fine.

A moment later, you're at the red telephone booth you know as the guest entrance to the Ministry of Magic. You let go of Cormac's hand and turn to Krum. "You alright, Viktor?"

"Yes," he says.

You round on Cormac. "How dare you! We're not even properly disguised. You just Apparated us out into the open!"

Cormac looks as though he is about to retort, but then his eyes widen as he stares frozen behind you. On his right, Viktor too has tensed considerably. You are afraid to see what is at your back.

"Well, look who we have here." You'd know that voice anywhere: Yaxley. "I'm just strolling to work with a few friends and I come upon three fugitives." You turn around and see he's with several menacing Ministry officials. "I bet you three didn't know that the phone booth is under surveillance. Magical surveillance. Seize them!"

You are now in the custody of the Ministry and have failed to retrieve the Locket.