You are Luna

"Here's our plan," you tell Harry and Goyle. "We're going to introduce this Christian Grey to 50 shades of Luna, and he's not going to like any of them."

"Now hold on there," Goyle says, to your surprise. "As someone who read the book, the key is not to get him to NOT like you. You want him TO like you. You'll have to seduce him."

Your jaw drops. "Me? Seduce someone?"

"You can do it, Luna," Harry says encouragingly. "There have been plenty of times I've looked at you and thought, ‘If I weren't with Ginny, maybe I'd like to be more than friends with her.' You're a pretty girl."

Few things have ever made you embarrassed, but now you feel the blood rushing to your face and you want to go hide. Nobody's ever told you that before.

With the help of Goyle, you locate Christian Grey's house and prepare yourself for the worst. It's a position you hate, but you know the world needs you to put a stop to this.

"Luna Lovegood, temptress," you say to yourself, shocked that any title such as that could be associated with you.

Unfortunately, Christian takes much more liking to you than you ever imagined, and in the spirit of saving the world, you enter into one of his infamous 90-day contracts.

After weeks of being subjected to his whims, you end up turning Christian Grey into a better man. Actually, he even becomes your submissive. However, the Hallows are never found!