You are Ginny

The three of you decide to stop by the Burrow, and as much as your mother nags you, you can tell by the butterflies deep inside that you're so excited to see her. You also really miss your Dad -- so much so that you decide to grab him a present. Sure, you saw them briefly when they broke through the barrier in the Arena, but then they rushed back to the Burrow while the rest of you formulated a plan at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. Now you'll get to spend some quality time together.

Telling the girls you'll be back quickly, you apparate over to a muggle part of town and purchase a Gigapet, knowing your father will love playing around with it. Add that to Hagrid's list of magical creatures, you think to yourself, laughing.

You return to Katie and Parvati and, both of them grasping your hands, you apparate over to the Burrow. The sweet smell of nature overwhelms your nostrils and you're flooded with so many memories of childhood. Those days passed by so quickly, so innocently, and now all you can do is look back and wish time could tick more slowly.

For so many of us, our youth evaporates like little puddles on a sunny day, disintegrating before we can ever appreciate it. And our only way of reconnecting is to read stories about Hogwarts and magic, and dream of an age when imaginary things were possible. You promise you'll never forsake the joy of those childhood adventures, no matter what the real world throws at you.

"Oh, Ginny!" your mother exclaims while seizing you in her arms. Tangles of red thread together in hereditary harmony.

"How's my only girl?" your father asks, his smile wide as a dragon's. Maybe for him, you are his reconnection to childhood. Well, that and muggle artifacts of course.

"Katie, Parvati," your mother beckons. "Come inside. Make yourselves at home!" You chuckle, knowing full well Molly Weasley will never let a guest pass through these parts without being properly welcomed.

While they get settled, you give your father the gigapet. He is absolutely fascinated, muttering things like, "How do they do it?" and "But... it's like a pet? And they play with it?"

"Beats blast-ended skrewts and other pests," you tell him encouragingly.

"Speaking of pests," your mother states authoritatively, "I'm so glad the three of you are here. The Burrow has been -- well, let's just say it's been neglected. But now I've got you three to help out! Do you want to get the gnomes or the doxies?"

"Mum!" you shout, shocked that even now she'll put you and your friends to work on chores. "Do we have to?"

By the stern look on her face, you know the answer is yes.

Should you:
A.) Clean up the gnomes?
B.) Clear out the doxies?