You are Ginny

Your immediate instinct upon arriving in Little Hangleton is that it's a creepy town. From the Riddle house in Little Hangleton proper to the former estate of the Gaunts situated on the outskirts, you get the feeling that lots of terrible things have happened here.

You also sense that something is horribly amiss, and you can tell your friends feel the same way. Fortunately, you see an elderly woman approaching you, a cloak wrapped around her head and a worn, massive expression on her cheeks.

"Is that... Bathilda Bagshot?" Katie asks.

"No," you answer. "She's in Godric's Hollow I believe. I'm not sure who this is, but we may as well say hello."

"Hello, children," the woman offers, once you greet her. There's not a lot of warmth in her voice. "My name is Lady Catherine de Bergh. Are all three of you out in society, already at such a young age?"

"Umm, I think so," Parvati answers.

"And can you draw and play the pianoforte at a standard befitting an upper-class lady?" she asks you.

"Doubtful," you answer. "Although I did play a duet with Harry once in the Room of Requirement. We managed to -- ummm -- hit a lot of keys all at once. The music caused us to be very passionate."

"I see," she says, a look of disapproval across her face. Then, pulling the sleeve of her shirt up her arm, you're stunned to see the Dark Mark engraved on her skin. "No longer are the shades of Hogwarts to be thus polluted!"

A group of Death Eaters arrive and take you away, subjecting you to a life of boring card games and the awful gossiping of a woman they call Caroline Bingley. One day, you do find a diary, but it's not Tom Riddle's. It's written by some girl named Jane Eyre, and her life story entertains you through the many dreary years.