Written by Adam Spunberg, Kait Silva, Courtney Custodio, & Tiffany Gustanski
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

You are Ron

"Oh, Won-Won!" Lavender gushes, her face blushing redder than Gryffindor scarlet. "Think of the time we'll spend together. Just you and me, embarking on our first great adventure." She seems so happy, you almost wish there was a dementor around to take her down a notch.

"Not alone, actually," Cho interjects, a tinge of animosity in her voice. She's not used to being the third wheel.

"You don't have to come," Lavender suggests, a little too wishfully.

"Yes she does!" someone asserts from behind you. It's Hermione, and you can tell she's in one of her wrathful moods -- the kind of mood where she's liable to go all mental and shoot vengeful (but brilliant, you admit to yourself) spells in your direction.

"What did I do?" you ask, a dumbfounded look across your face.

"It's not you, Ron," she says more congenially, and then -- to prove her point -- she slips out of character and smacks her lips against yours.

You know she did it to stave off Lavender, but you don't care. In that sweet flash of a moment, your whole world gets brighter, and you remember glimpses of those tender moments in the Gryffindor Common Room, her frustrated -- but adorable -- countenance after Divination, the determination she showed when saving house elves. You can never figure out why this girl loves you, but you're so happy she does.

"It's so rude to do that," Lavender says spitefully. "With Cho around," she adds to cover for herself. "She just lost her Cedric in the Arena and she's miserable about it. This is the DA, not the PDA!"

Hermione's face turns steamy, but then she calms down and -- with a little giggle -- whispers with clarity, "Shut up you whore crux finder!"

And with that, the love of your life turns away triumphantly and goes to talk to Draco Malfoy about something (About what, you wonder. Hasn't she always hated him??). Lavender, meanwhile looks like some frightening combination of rage and helplessness. Part of you feels sympathy (and she was kind of a spirited kisser, you recall), but she's also dragging you down.

Should you:
A.) Ditch Lavender and leave with Cho?
B.) Let her come along with you?