You are Fred

Even in times of great danger, you realize that it's important to keep a business running, even if it means allotting less time to finding horcruxes.

"After all," you say, "Zonko's is only open until eight. We can go hunt down evil afterwards." Impressed by your stellar logic, George quickly nods in agreement.

"But we just can't walk in!" exclaims Angelina. "They'd recognize you two right away and then throw you in the cellar and then we'd never find a way out and everyone would be worried and my poor mother would just-"

George muffles the rest of Angelina's worries by firmly clamping his hand over her mouth. "Don't worry," he says soothingly, "I always have the perfect disguise ready." You know exactly what your brother is up to, but you give him the chance to woo Angelina with his impressive skills. From the pockets of his robes, George brings out his usual junk: blazing orange Puking Pastille wrappers, a forgotten old shoelace, and finally, a small, silver box emblazoned with the Slytherin crest.

Angelina looks curiously at the box. "Slytherin?" she asks, confused. "When was a Weasley ever a Slytherin?"

"Naw," you tell her, "George nicked this off of Draco when he wasn't looking."

George opens the box slowly, and Angelina leans in for a closer look. The top comes off and- "MUSTACHES?!" yells Angelina. "You want us to go spy while wearing mustaches that don't even match the color of our hair? I mean, it's one thing if they matched, but seriously, these are all blond!"

George looks particularly offended as he takes one out and plasters it on his upper lip, "What's so bad about this look?" he asks you.

"Excuse me? I'm not sure I recognize you," you pretend and look at Angelina. Truth be told, George does look very different, if not slightly eccentric with his rather hairy mustache. You know that George takes spying very seriously and decide that mustaches are indeed the way to go. You pick up your identical disguise and put it on, feeling like a new person already. Shaking her head, Angelina puts on hers' as well, muttering something about being a girl. But you and George believe in equality between sexes, meaning that if you two get the privilege of wearing a mustache, Angelina should as well.

"Perfect!" George announces, beaming at you and Angelina. Angelina scowls back at him, but you confidently smile back.

"Now," you say, pushing the door that leads back to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, "We need to find a discrete method of travel to get to Hogsmeade."

"We could apparate," Angelina suggests.

"No, no, " George decides, "that would be too conspicuous. People would be suspicious of us then."

"Well, there's always the bicycles out back," you say, trying to ignore the stares of an eleven year old girl and her mother. You guess the mustache has somehow made you even more attractive in some way.

"Genius! Bloody genius!" shouts George, gathering more looks from customers. He takes Angelina by the hand and leads her out of the back door, with you following. He rummages through the shed behind the shop and pulls out two bicycles, one by one.

"I know there's another one in here. There has to be!" With a grunt he grasps a pair of handlebars and pulls.

"I think Ginny might have hexed that one," you say, pointing to the unicycle that came out of the shed as a result of Fred's efforts.

"Well, it looks fine to me," George replies and hands the unicycle to Angelina. She takes it fearfully and attempts to clamber up on it while you take the rustiest of the two remaining bicycles. "Wouldn't it be easier just to use Floo Powder or a broomstick?" asks Angelina, precariously perched atop the wobbling unicycle.

"Of course it would be easier," you reply, "but the easiest way sometimes isn't the right way." The silence fills the air after your deep remark and suddenly you understand the perilous nature of the mission you have chosen to undertake. You know that if either you or George are recognized, the consequences would be dire. Refusing to think of the ghastly horrors that might befall you, You begin to pedal, leading the way to Hogsmeade.

You go two yards before Angelina falls off her unicycle. Being a true Gryffindor, she gets back on and keeps going, but falls off after another yard or so. In exasperation and chivalry, George switches places with her, letting her have his coveted bike.

You go a couple more feet before George falls off the unicycle and refuses to climb on it again. Sighing, you trade places with him and find yourself on top of a very unstable unicycle. Pedaling the contraption while keeping your balance is nearly impossible, so it is no surprise that you find yourself spread-eagle on the pavement, looking up at the darkening sky above.

"At this pace, we'll never make it to Hogsmeade by eight!" Angelina wails. You know she means eight o'clock next month, because the distance between Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade is no small distance to traverse, especially on bicycle.

Fred helps you up, and seems to agree with Angelina. "I guess then we have to take the more dangerous approach: apparation."

Shaking her head, Angelina grabs each of you by the hand, and in a brief moment, you find yourself standing just a couple of buildings away from Zonko's. Looking confidently dapper in her new mustache, Angelina leads the way, her head held high.

"Angelina? Fred? George?" What are you doing here?"

All of you whip around in the direction of the sound. Mundungus looks back from an alley in between two buildings.

"Shhhhh!" Angelina motions frantically and nearly tackles Mundungus. Moving out of the street, you and George follow her and Mundungus into the narrow alleyway.

"How did you know it was us?" George asks. "We're in top grade disguises!"

"Disguises?" Peeves's voice suddenly ridicules. "Why that isn't nothin' but bits of fluff!" He cackles, suddenly appearing from behind Mundungus and disappearing soon after.

"See?" Angelina says, "We don't fool anyone with our disguises!" George looks crestfallen, and you pat him on the back.

Mundungus slinks stealthily away as Angelina's face softens. "Don't worry, George," she says. "Mustaches were a really good idea, but you know, sometimes the best of plans don't work out because of unforeseen complications." George smiles at her and you find yourself wishing that they they were alone and in a time that was not as treacherous.

"And in any case," Angelina continues, breaking her gaze from George's, I have a back-up plan already mapped out."

"You do?" you ask, wondering what else Angelina has kept hidden from you and George.

"Of course she does," George replies and gets rewarded with another smile from Angelina.

"See, before we even left the shop, I took the liberty of... well, borrowing a couple of vials of Polyjuice potion, just in case we needed them later." From her robes, Angelina procures two vials of liquid, one a bright, shocking pink, and another a quiet sky blue.

"I also added bits of the people into the potion before we left as well," Angelina adds. George takes the bright pink vial, leaving you with the other.

"So," you ask Angelina, "who are we going to turn into?"

"You'll see," Angelina smirks. "Trust me, you guys will feel right at home with who you'll become."

You wonder if Angelina has something up her sleeve, but the urgency of the mission requires that you make a decision quickly.

Should you:
A) Take the polyjuice
B) Not take the polyjuice