Written by Adam Spunberg, Tiffany Gustanski, Erin Millar, Srijita Pal, Courtney Custodio, & Kait Silva
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

You are Fred

"Believe you me, I'm just as concerned about Voldemort and his horcruxes as the next person," you tell George and Angelina in the back room of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. "But what does Harry expect us to do? Pull them out of our arse? He should at least invite us to dinner first!"

Angelina rolls her eyes. "Were you listening to what he told us at all?"

"Not particularly," you admit. George stares around the room in despair. You suspect he knows exactly what you're thinking. The shop looks old and dusty. The lack of a magical presence has caused some items to malfunction. All the items sold have been around for ages now, leaving you with nothing new or exciting to sell whenever you re-open. "I was a bit pre-occupied realizing that my life's work has turned to complete rubbish."

George holds up a box of Patented Daydream Charms, in which a rather violent hurricane is unfolding. "It's just not right! Where are the witches in bikinis?! I wanted a pleasant summer scene by the beach!"

"Didn't we all?" you mumble.

"Oh, come off it!" Angelina grumbles, though you know she secretly can't get enough of you twin charmers. "Harry said all the horcruxes are artifacts of some sort, but they're usually things that can be concealed in plain sight. For instance, there was a cup..."

"A cup?" you say quizzically. "Brillant! Which pub should we start at?"

Angelina sighs. "I didn't necessarily mean a pub."

"Where else would you find a cup?" You deadpan. Angelina cocks her head at you in disbelief. "Besides almost every building in the world, that is. We need something more to go off than that."

George finally sets the Daydream Charm down with a hard thump. "I think we need to do some reconnaissance work while we think about it," he suggests. "Who knows what fascinating new products they've got lined up at Zonko's? Nobody has put THEM in a death match recently!"

You couldn't agree with George more wholeheartedly. Staking out the competition is one of the only ways to keep your business going strong, especially in such desperate times.

On the other hand, this horcrux search does seem kind of important. You have no idea where to start, but all the other tributes have broken off to come up with a strategy. Perhaps you should try the same?

Stopping an evil overlord or spying on competing joke shops? The decision is almost too much for you to bear!

Should you:
A.) Start the search for Voldemort's Cup?
B.) Check out the competition at Zonko's?