You are Fred

"We're looking for the cup," Angelina declares authoritatively, and you know she means business. You love it when she gets all bossy that way, but it seems George does too. Some day, you two brothers might have to fight it out for that woman.

"I say we start at the Leaky Cauldron," you suggest. Angelina shoots you a wicked glare. "What?" you scoff. "We've just been over this. That's where all the cups are."

"And my mind functions better on butterbeer," George adds. You know he's right because -- well -- you're his twin.

"Fine," Angelina says, rolling her eyes flirtatiously, "but only if one of you treats me to a drink. I'd like to feel like a lady for a change."

"We'd be happy to," George says, winking in your direction. You know exactly what he's thinking: business expense tax write-off!

"Just be careful," Angelina adds. "We can't be spotted by any Death Eaters. We should really be keeping a low profile."

You step outside of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, the cool air whipping against your faces as you saunter towards the Leaky Cauldron. But when you get there, you're immediately propositioned by a strange-looking wizard with a turbine on. And the man seems to stutter.

"W-w-w-want a dr-dr-dragon egg?"

"Hell no!" you answer, "but maybe try our friend Hagrid. He's into that kind of stuff."

The man -- his name started with a Q or something -- thanks you. You step into the main area and try to order your butterbeers, except the barmaid tells you there are no beverages served here.

"What do you mean?" you ask, absolutely perplexed. "I've ordered butterbeers at Leaky Cauldron so many times!"

"Maybe if we were a bar," the lady says, "but we're just a really famous website for fans. Everyone knows us. You know... LeakyCon?"

"Damn it!" George stammers in frustration.

And then there's some high-pitched squealing behind you. "You should have tried Mugglenet," Dolores Umbridge yells, cackling at your expense. "I hear they've got Happy Hour over there!" And she keeps laughing and laughing as a bunch of Ministry guards handcuff you and ruin any chance you have of finding that Cup.