Bracing yourself, you reach for the wand at the bottom of the metal plate of the platform. Immediately you notice that some Tributes are deciding to Avada Kedarva whoever is beside them, while others are jumping right into the Devil’s Snare pit.

INCENDIO!” You cry out, causing the snares at the bottom to shrivel and disappear, making an opening for you to pass to the entrance of the Cornucopia. Many have disregarded the idea that the temporary wand can only distribute one spell. You drop the wand, as it is dead weight to you. Looking around briefly in the chaos, you notice others struggling in the snares , their friends torn between trying to save them or continue on.

You have no time to think or to look for anyone as you grab the nearest purple beaded bag. Once securing it and grabbing a hunting knife complete with sheath, you make your way to the woods. You are agile enough to use the knife to stab into the base of a tree to aide in climbing away from all the mayhem. Collecting your thoughts, you look through the items–all of which can be of use to you, but not at the current moment. There are also other items inside the bag from the Muggle world.

Suddenly, you hear a rustling and are startled, losing your balance. You plummet to the ground, but hands reach out to grab you before you hit the forest floor. As you look to the faces, you see Harry and Ron.

Should you:
A.) Make an alliance with Harry and Ron
B.) Go it alone