Written by Jenn Nguyen & Tracee Orman
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

After a turbulent couple of days in gaining sponsors and copious amounts of training, you stand fearfully and modestly as the most intelligent witch in the Games. Rigidly standing on a tiny platform you wait for 60 agonizing seconds to pass. Twenty-three other Tributes surround you on identical platforms. All are wandless. But you know there is blood lust out there, especially for your own.

Keeping in a collective breath, the silence is overwhelming until a voice looms over to welcome you to the first annual Potter Games. You look down and see a golden shell–the Cornucopia, filled with items that you are sure you will need to survive, including potions, food, wands, and brooms; but your eyes are transfixed on a row of beaded purple bags.

The voice warns that a temporary wand is at the bottom of the platform; you must use one spell to defeat the Devil’s snare that is surrounding the Cornucopia. You weigh the choices: you know the spells, you can defeat the snare, but are you quick enough to grab the bag? If you manage to snag one, you will gain some essentials to get you through the first day at least. Time is running out to think.

Then the gong sounds.

Should you:
A.) Jump from the platform to retrieve the bag
B.) Run for the woods