Written by Shylah Addante
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

You stand on a tiny platform, a part of a circle that consists of 23 other Tributes; all of you waiting in silence for the sound of the gong–the sound that will be the death knell for all but one of you. Looking around there are many familiar faces. Some, like Draco Malfoy, you know only by sight and by (bad) reputation. Others, like Cedric who is in Hufflepuff with you, you know a little better, but who, you realize sadly, are no less dangerous.

In the center of the circle, glittering in the early morning sun, sits the Cornucopia; and scattered around it, a wide array of supplies...and weapons.

You know that the best supplies and deadliest weapons sit cradled in the smooth golden mouth of the Cornucopia. From your vantage point you see the wooden ends of two dozen wands arranged like strange brown flowers in a small silver vase; the hilt of a sword; the smooth curve of a shield; and a glass bauble full of smokeless, odorless flame. Closer to you, the items are less impressive. Halfway to the Cornucopia lays an enchanted tent, and, just a few yards away, a package of dung bombs.

None of it piques your interest. You are not a warrior or a survivalist; you've spent the last few years keeping your nose down and out of trouble. No sword or shield would help you–you doubt you could lift them to wield them anyway. Even the lure of a wand is lukewarm at best–you know that your spellwork is uneven when you are under stress; and it doesn’t get any more stressful than this.

The only thing you've ever been good at is Herbology, and you doubt that understanding the proper way to trim a Venomous Tentacula would help you survive in the Arena. On the other hand, you think, maybe that knowledge could come in handy once you're out on your own. Maybe that knowledge could feed you and even protect you–if you can just get away from here alive, you might just have a chance at winning.

But then you see it, the very tips of its long green vines curling around the outside of the Cornucopia: Devil's Snare.

There it is, your weapon.

In that instant a thousand deadly uses for the plant flash through your mind's eye. Competitors snatched and strangled in a trap, or suffocated in their sleep. You could control it. You could win with it–if you can survive the melee that will surely erupt at the Game's start long enough to grab it.

Suddenly, the horn sounds, and there is no more time to think it over.

Should you:
A.) Go to the Cornucopia and get the Devil's Snare
B.) Run Away