The gong rings out. You run off your platform, willing every muscle in your body to move faster toward the Cornucopia.

A wand could easily be the difference between life and death, but you’re not the only person who knows that. There are several blurry figures, more than you’d expected, running toward the supplies.

After what feels like ages, you’re within a few feet of a wand. It’s made from maple and certainly not yours, but it will do. It’s just a few feet away when a jet of green light blasts behind you, narrowly missing your body. You fall flat, picking up the object closest to you -- a vile of Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder -- but you know you won't get it open in time. Pansy Parkinson is already aiming a wand at your head.

AVADA --” A red light steaks across the sky and hits her square in the chest. Suddenly, a pair of large, rough hands is pulling you away from the Cornucopia. With nothing else to do, you sink your teeth into your attacker's hands.

"Watch it!" a familiar voice calls out.

You turn around and realize you've been struggling to get away from Fred. Half-hidden behind a fallen tree, George covers the two of you as you move to meet him.

"Is that any way to treat your brother?" George asks as you duck down next to him.

“You’re forever in my debt now, really,” Fred teases. He gives you a warm, lopsided grin and shrugs. A spell flies overhead and the moment is lost.

"You with us, then?" Fred asks quite seriously now.

You feel comfortable -- safe, even -- with Fred and George, but three red-haired Weasleys running around the arena will be an easy target.

Should you:
A.) Continue on your own
B.) Make an alliance with Fred and George