Thunk. You land solidly and begin to run, making a bee line for the map. Everything is instantly chaotic; however you stay focused. In the crush of people, zig-zagging becomes a must, as well as jumping over baskets of roast beef and portable pots with what appears to be lamb stew with dried plums.

You've made it. You grab the map and securely put it in your belt. That's when something catches your eye. In that moment, you are tackled by Cedric Diggory. In his hands is a bludger, and he is about to use it. Hand raised in the air, about to strike, he suddenly goes limp and falls to the ground.

Looking to find the source of the dead Diggory beside you, you notice Ginny and Fred standing over Cedric. Smiling. Ginny is holding a bag full of Weasley Wheezes' products and Fred is holding a very plain, wooden wand, obviously not his own.

Fred offers you a hand up and says, "Say, let's get out of here!"

Should you:
A.) Form an alliance with Fred and Ginny
B.) Go at it alone