Written by Ginny L. & Stacy Wells
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

You find yourself standing on a rather small, rounded platform. Around you, 23 other tributes stand on identical daises, all surrounding a shining Cornucopia, which glitters under a bloody hot sun. You see familiar faces, including a mess of dark hair and round glasses–Harry–and your sister, Ginny. Others, too, like that bugger Malfoy. They all wear grim faces, waiting for the gong that signals the start of a bloodbath.

Sixty seconds.

Shaking your head, you turn your attention away from your fellow tributes and focus on the Cornucopia. Scattered around it are supplies and weapons, the best of the best spilling out from it's mouth. It's got everything a bloodthirsty tribute could wish for, plus some, you think with a snort (well, except for brooms–no sign of a good Cleansweep Five).

Closest to the Cornucopia, you see what you assume to be the tips of 24 wooden wands, the shafts of arrows and a silver bow, and–what's that? A thick sheet of parchment rests on the edge of the golden horn. You'd recognize it anywhere.

The Marauder's Map!

About halfway between you and the Cornucopia, you spot backpacks heavy with supplies, and you have to suppress a tight smile when you notice assorted Zonko's and Weasley Wheezer's products scattered nearby. A sheet of plastic sits by your feet, and you take note of dungbombs a few yards away, too.

Endless possibilities come to your mind. Oh, what you could do with a couple of Weasleys' Wild-Fire Whiz-Bangs, and while you're at it, some Instant Darkness Powder could come in handy...but the item that sticks out the most to you is the Marauder's Map. The odds of winning could turn in your favor if you could just get your hands on that map. It's a risk, though. It's so close to the Cornucopia, and when the gong sounds, that's where the chaos will be.

There's not much time to consider your options. Above your head, the gong sounds: let the Games begin.

Should you:
A.) Go to the Cornucopia and get supplies
B.) Run away