Despite a brutal fight, you manage to get away from the Cornucopia with an armful of supplies from Zonkoís and Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes--but alas, no wand. You see George running into the forest carrying a load of supplies as well, though youíre not sure what--and you take a hint from your twin. You run into the woods for cover and find a quiet, hidden spot to regroup. You take inventory of your joke shop products: A few dozen Dungbombs (Wicked, you think), a bag of Hiccough Sweets, some Puking Pastilles, a set of Extendable Ears, and a set of Decoy Detonators.

Now, if only you had a wand, you could see if that parchment you snagged really is a Marauderís Map.

A twig snaps and grabs your attention, and you spot a flash of red in the distance. Hiding behind a tree, you peer out and see George and Ginny approaching. They donít see you yet, so now you must decide whether to reach out to them or hide.

They are your siblings--none of the Weasleys are closer than you and George, in particular--but you all have been pitted against each other by You-Know-Who in this fight to the death. Could the three of you pose a bigger threat to the other wizards? Or is it best to cut your ties to your loved ones now, rather than later when itís even harder? George and Ginny are getting closer and youíre running out of time to escape them, if you choose to do so.

Should you:
A.) Meet up with George and Ginny to form an alliance
B.) Go it alone