Without another thought, you dive toward the flute. You want to be fast and you want to stay low. A few sets of feet rush past you; they must be intent on getting a wand. You hear the fighting break out. Kills are already starting; some of them have collected wands. Mangled shrieks float up along with foreign words: some recognizable, others not. All undoubtedly deadly.

But you're nimble and fast. You fingers lock around the flute, relishing the way the smooth glass seems to sing only to you. It's the best chance you have. You can just hear your sponsor and former Headmistress from school, Madame Maxime, going on about just how dangerous a lovely and high-class lady like you can be, if you just play your cards right. Telling you that you can win these Games, but you just have to work your charm and dig your talons into whatever advantage you can find.

You jump up and run as fast as you can without looking back. Attempting to grab a wand is too dangerous. A spell whizzes right over your head, someone must be aiming at you. You run harder and faster than you ever have in your life. You feel as your lungs are about to burst when suddenly, your foot crashes into a large rock and you go down, face first. You roll over and look to see if anyone is coming after you and see a Hogwarts boy. You think you remember his name is Vincent Crabbe? You always disliked him just by sight alone. He's anything but good-looking and has a glint in his eye that reminds you of a Death Eater: greedy and wrong and just evil.

You see others running as well: some trying to get as far away from everyone as possible, some chasing after others, the ones with wands sending spells left and right. And coming up behind Crabbe, you recognize Viktor Krum. He was skilled enough to get into the Triwizard Tournament, just like you...and you can imagine he's skilled enough aim some decent spells, too. You stumble to your feet, and a sharp pain shoots through your leg. You twisted your ankle when you fell. You start running again but you know you're not fast enough, limping heavily and relying too much on your unharmed limb. You hear a shout and then a thud behind you. You don't look back, but the pain from your ankle is almost too much to bear, and you're limping. You can hear it, and you know either Crabbe or Viktor is closing in on you. You prepare for the worst.

And then someone has your hand, is dragging you along, urging you to go faster. "Wait! My ankle! I cannot run!" you cry, still not sure exactly what is going on. It's then that Viktor Krum tosses you on to his back and runs with you, carrying you away from the Cornucopia to safety. He runs until no one is around and all is quiet before setting you down.

"I figured ve vould be better off together than alone, yes?" Viktor asks in his thick Bulgarian accent. "Ve are both outsiders, after all. All of zos others, they go to school together. Many of them are friends. Ve are not so lucky."

Should you:
A.) Trust Viktor?
B.) Make a run for it?