Written by Brianna Hicks & Chaos
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

Here you are, facing 23 fellow wizards and witches, all of you together, forming a circle on the platform. The sky rumbles in the distance, overcast. A light breeze brings your immaculate blond strands to tickle the edges of your regal countenance while your frosty eyes scan the now familiar contestants.

But none of them are your friends, at least not anymore. In fact, one of them may be your killer. You look at their faces. Face impassive, your heart sinks when you catch sight of Harry Potter. You don't know him well, but you spent a lot of time with him during the Triwizard Tournament, and you remember him saving your sister, Gabrielle, during the lake challenge. How can you kill someone who did that for you? You see the red-headed boy, Ron Weasley. The one who had the nerve to ask you to the Yule Ball (and who would've been shot down without a second thought if he gave you even a second to answer, you assure yourself). Cedric Diggory and Viktor Krum are on the platform as well; both of them seemed like good people during the time you spent with them. And there are so many more on the platform, but all of you will soon be dead save one (un?)lucky Victor.

You tear your eyes away from the others. Thinking of how you may very well be forced to murder them won't do you any good. Instead, you focus on the Cornucopia, the glint of gold catching your gaze. You know the wands are there, but do you dare to make a try for them? You like to think you can handle yourself out here. You were strong and skilled enough to make it into the Triwizard Tournament; contrary to what others might think, you don't skate through life on looks alone. You may not have won, but you're the Beauxbatons Champion, and even if the thought of murder makes you cringe, you want to bring this victory home to France...home to Gabrielle.

You could fight for a wand, but you also know that you're not too physically strong. The wands lie in the very middle of the Cornucopia. You would really be risking your life to run all the way to them, to something that might not even work (you remember the first time you tried a wand that wasn't your own and shiver at the memory). Maybe it's not worth it, maybe you should just run for it right now. You scored a 7 with the trainers. A mistake by them, you think. You're much deadlier than a 7, right? They think your biggest weapons are your looks...maybe they're right about that. But you know you can bat your eyelashes and smile your way into any boy's heart, and once you're there, what do you have to worry about?

Sometimes (well, always) they don't even notice the smug curl of your lips as you pull them into your thrall and bind them to you - a puppet to serve their master. However strong looks and glances are, bodily expression is even stronger than spoken word and hidden gazes. Of course, you'd have an even higher chance than that if you could find an excuse to dance. You know for a fact, being part Veela, when the music plays and your body sways...you can hypnotize even the strongest of men. But right now you have nothing. No music and no wand, and even your looks won't help you too much when the gong sounds and all hell breaks loose among 23 terrified witches and wizards.

It's then that something glinting in the sun catches your eye. It looks like...a flute. And any musical instrument here has to be enchanted, right? It could play and play and when any potential killer comes your way, you could smile and tell them, "There's no need to fight, we might as well relax. Sit down for a while, tell me about yourself." You can dance to the music the instrument produces and they'll be so entranced, perhaps you can get a kill in. Your thrall is the most obvious but also hidden killer, and within every curse a blessing. The flute is closer to the outside edge of the Cornucopia. Much closer than the wands.

The gong sounds. No more time to think. You can run or you can fight.

Should you:
A.) Go to the Cornucopia and get the enchanted flute?
B.) Run away?