Written by Sheila C., Crystal Watanabe, Adam Spunberg, Savanna New,
Courtney Custodio, & Luly
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

It's almost time. You are standing on a platform with the other 23 Tributes who are all waiting for the gong to sound and the games to start. You look around at the group and spot your friends Goyle and Malfoy. They look scared, but you're having trouble focusing because you suddenly realize there won't be any dessert in the arena. You knew you should've eaten a few more cakes and cookies at breakfast, and you quickly realize you also should've snuck in a few cookies in your pockets for later today.

You shake your head and say to yourself, "Get your head out of dessert, and get in the Games." You focus on the Cornucopia, and you spot a ton of supplies and weapons around it. From where you stand, you can see that there are some powerful-looking wands and bludgers in the center of the Cornucopia. You think if you could just grab one of those bludgers and a wand, no one will stand a chance against you.

You look around once more trying to see the other Tributes. You spot Harry Potter and his friends Ron Weasley and that mudblood Granger. You think to yourself, Those three think they are so great. Well, I'll show them. You rub your knuckles in a menacing way and hope they are looking at you.

Suddenly, the gong sounds and it's chaos. Everyone is running. You can't find Goyle or Malfoy anywhere.

Should you:
A.) Go for the Cornucopia and grab a bludger and wand
B.) Run away