You can't believe how long you've put up with Draco all these years. He's clearly a sniveling wimp that covers it up by insulting you constantly. You lunge forward and grab him around the neck and start choking him. His eyes are wide with shock as he struggles to breathe. His arms bat at your face in an attempt to fend you off.

"CRABBE!!" roars Goyle. "Whaddaya think you're doin'??"

"Tired of this spoiled brat telling me what to do!"

Draco's face is turning purple and Pansy's yelling at you to stop. Suddenly Draco reaches into his pocket and shoves a wand up your nose, hard. Lucky for you, he couldn't cast a spell while you were choking him, so you let go and yank the wand from your nose.

"That hurt!" you yell as you raise you wand to kill him. Then a funny thought comes to you. You remember how hard Malfoy laughed back in your house when you had those tentacles coming out of your face. "Furnunculus!"

The curse slams you straight in the face. You don't understand what went wrong, but suddenly boils are rising up all over your face. Malfoy picks up the wand where you dropped it, still red in the face and breathing hard.

"I always knew you were stupid, Crabbe, but holding your wand backwards is a new low, even for you." He looks at Goyle. "Hold him. I'll show him what a spoiled brat is capable of."

You try to struggle, but the welts on your face have swollen so big you can hardly see or think through the pain. The last thing you remember is Goyle's firm grip on your arms.