Note: Rebellion and especially Horcruxes had an intentionally lighthearted approach to their plotlines, whereas Endgame will attempt a more serious and dramatic take on the Harry Potter universe in this alternate setting.


The first six stories in the Harry Potter series of novels have proceeded mostly as told within the books, but with some differences. Lord Voldemort has now won the war, and Albus Dumbledore is dead at the Dark Lord's hand in this continuity. As vengeance against those who resisted him, Voldemort then institued the "Potter Games," so named in mockery of his archnemesis Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and supposed Chosen One. Twelve boys and twelve girls were chosen to fight each other to the death in a dangerous Arena erected from dark magic, all but two "Tributes" taken from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry--even the Slytherins were not safe from the Reaping. Of these twenty-four, only Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood thought to rebel at first...

Team Neville
After conferring with Luna, Neville sought new allies within the Hogwarts classrooms, now converted to training stations. He found and recruited Hannah Abbott, who brought up the idea of using Floo powder to escape the Arena, and then the pair convinced George Weasley to help refine the powder. In so doing, he found himself in the girls' bathroom with Parvati Patil. There they found a Vanishing Cabinet in need of fixing, for which George planned to enlist his Mentor Mundungus Fletcher. To that end, Parvati went to find some Shrinking Solution when she ran into Viktor Krum, who wanted to help the cause. He created a Portkey out of a bracelet.

After this, Krum ran into his Mentor, Igor Karkaroff, who warned against any sort of rebellion or escape, saying that Voldemort was invincible. Krum found and informed Harry of this, who then went to his own Mentor Sirius Black with his concerns. Together, the two uncovered the mystery of the Horcruxes tethering the Dark Lord to immortality.

Elsewhere, Hermione Granger studied up on Voldemort's history with Minerva McGonagall, her Mentor. The next morning, Hermione took her place in the Arena (but not without a secret gift of books from McGonagall), with which she defended herself against an attack by Vincent Crabbe. So repelled, he attacked Hannah but was thwarted by Neville. When he sought revenge against the couple, Cormac McLaggen stopped him and helped the couple escape into a forest. Cormac soon met Angelina Johnson, Hermione, and Krum, all preparing to escape via the latter's bracelet Portkey--Cormac shoved Angelina out of the way in order to escape with them.

But Angelina still had Hannah's stock of Floo powder, so she ran and found Ginny Weasley and another companion, to whom a miniature version of the Three Broomsticks descended on parachute along with a vial of Shrinking Solution. Angelina and the others drank, shrank, and disappeared through the fireplace inside the inn run by a now tiny Madam Rosmerta, just before Lavender Brown arrived, feeling abandoned and despairing. Harry and George found her, but so did Draco Malfoy. George hit the latter with a Stinging Hex as he made a run for George's Vanishing Cabinet, which was just now arriving via parachute. Lavender and George escaped, and in a moment of pity for what Voldemort had subjected them all to, Harry helped Draco into the Vanishing Cabinet as well.

Team Luna
Concurrent with the Team Neville storyline, Luna left Neville and made allies for the Rebellion out of her Mentor Remus Lupin, the house-elf Dobby, and her fellow Ravenclaw Padma Patil. This last was charged with procuring thestrals, but as Padma entered the Forbidden Forest, she was forced to remain hidden as Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy were ambushed by Death Eaters, led by Yaxley, while trying to free their son Draco. Padma was powerless to help as Alecto and Amycus Carrow killed Narcissa and enslaved Lucius with the Imperius Curse, after which Yaxley led him away. Padma then found her Mentor, the centaur Firenze, and Dobby, the latter of whom helped her obtain thestrals for the next day's escape. Next, Luna directed her to find brooms, so she went to Katie Bell, who had to be persuaded to help after her training session with Cormac and her Mentor Madam Hooch. Katie and Padma sneaked into the Quidditch stadium, stole a few brooms, then overcame a trio of dementors en route back to the castle, elated to be saving lives rather than destroying them.

Meanwhile, Dobby helped Fleur Delacour find a book in the Charms classroom to enable them to bring down the barrier around the Arena. Dobby added it to their stash of supplies while Fleur met with the others in the Great Hall, where Ron Weasley ate with Hermione and Harry. Afterward he received a note from his Mentor Rubeus Hagrid that Dumbledore had written to him before his death, about the "Tale of the Three Brothers"; Dumbledore cryptically urged him to trust Severus Snape. After this, Ron ran into Colin Creevey and likewise told the younger Gryffindor to trust Snape as the latter summoned Colin to his dungeon.

In there was Polyjuice Potion, which enabled Colin to disguise himself as Snape and vice versa. Snape, now in Colin's place, ventured into the Arena the next morning where he recruited a beleaguered Pansy Parkinson to join the Rebellion and escape. Reluctantly, she agreed. She was later attacked by Fred Weasley, but Snape-as-Colin was able to convince him to let her join. They found Dobby, who Disapparated Fred out. When next Gregory Goyle emerged to attack "Colin," Pansy convinced him to join them instead of fighting.

After more adventures, Goyle survived an indiscriminate attack from Crabbe, and leaving the latter to fend for himself in the midst of deadly danger, Goyle intervened to save Ginny from a dementor, and together the two of them overcame it, becoming unlikely allies. As they met with Luna and other Tributes, Colin was at last revealed to be Snape. Luna had Katie's brooms, and Padma arrived with thestrals; those on thestrals left first. Then Cho Chang cracked the code in Fleur's Charms book to bring down the Arena's barrier. When five Mentors plus Molly and Arthur Weasley arrived on Hagrid's motorbike, the remaining six Tributes (minus Luna) Polyjuiced to disguise themselves as Luna and flew out on broomsticks as the Death Eaters converged on them. During the mayhem, Cedric Diggory sacrificed himself to save Cho. As he lay dying, he was approached by Sanguini the vampire, who offered Cedric the opportunity to become a vampire himself and fend off death. At the last moment, Cedric accepted.

Twenty-one of the original twenty-four Tributes (Colin, Crabbe, and Cedric being the only ones unaccounted for) escaped to the Weasley twins' shop and the Rebellion's new makeshift headquarters, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, after emerging from the Arena victorious. But Harry announced that there were six Horcruxes to find before the threat of Voldemort could be ended for good.


The Diary
Before leaving on her quest with Parvati and Katie, Ginny shared a passionate goodbye kiss with Harry. The three girls then went to the Burrow, where Mrs. Weasley put them to work on household chores in order to keep them from the dangerous task of Horcrux hunting. But Cedric showed up, reborn now as a vampire, and Parvati was smitten, though Katie kept the group focused. Cedric revealed that he saw Tom Riddle's diary in the Arena, so there the three witches returned. But now it was a Muggle arena, converted into the 74th Hunger Games. There they befriended Muggle Tributes Katniss Everdeen, Rue, and later (at their hiding place in a cave) an injured Peeta Mellark. Dobby found them there and dispatched the robot WALL-E. With the robot's help and that of singer Darren Criss, who supplied a Horcrux-seeking medallion, Ginny and her team finally succeeded at finding the diary.

The Ring
After quarreling with Cormac and Hermione, Draco departed with his two teammates, Pansy and Fleur, first to Malfoy Manor--but it was empty. While there, a Mockingjay flew into the mansion, indicating that Marvolo Gaunt's ring was to be found in the distant land of Panem, so they Apparated to District 12. There they were met by Gale Hawthorne, who led them to Katniss's little sister Primrose Everdeen; Prim had a cat named Buttercup. But Buttercup turned out to be none other than Professor McGonagall in disguise, who revealed she was responsible for monitoring the magical presence of Panem. On the television meanwhile, they saw the ring on the finger of Caesar Flickerman, the host of the Hunger Games. Draco, Pansy, and Fleur went to the Capitol, where they ingratiated themselves with the tyrannical President Snow. Once inside his mansion, Plutarch Heavensbee revealed himself to the girls as being in rebellion against Snow. When Pansy and Fleur returned to Snow and Draco, Snow chose Fleur to be Flickerman's special guest, so she met with a stylist named Cinna, who claimed to be a wizard. As Flickerman's stylist, Cinna had taken the Gaunt ring from him and now passed it to Fleur, then he covered their escape.

The Locket
Hermione told her group members Viktor and Cormac that the locket had been stolen by one with the initials R.A.B. They began their search at 12 Grimmauld Place, where Dobby eventually met them. Together, they coaxed the fate of the locket belonging to Regulus Arcturus Black out of the older house-elf Kreacher, who told them all relics from the house had been confiscated by the Ministry of Magic. The three wizards set out to explore London, where they found Dolores Umbridge at Hyde Park. They tailed her to the Ministry but first used Polyjuice Potion to disguise themselves before going in--Hermione as Bellatrix Lestrange, Krum as Umbridge, and Cormac as Voldemort himself. They evaded trouble within, but as their disguises began to wear off, Hermione lunged at the real Umbridge, swiping the locket, and the three fled. While Apparating back to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, Cormac's nose was splinched off. Though Hermione repaired it afterward, he remained self-conscious about his nose for sometime afterward...

The Cup
Despite Angelina's protests, Fred and George gave more immediate attention to their shop and life's work than to hunting Horcruxes at first. They Apparated to Zonko's in Hogsmeade, but their original mustache disguises weren't sufficient. So Angelina gave them Polyjuice Potion, enabling the Weasley twins to Polyjuice into the Patil twins. They ate at a place served by Greasy Sae from District 12, and the twins secretly put a hair of hers into the remaining Polyjuice Potion, which they injected into Angelina's drink, causing her to transform into Sae. At Zonko's, the three ran into Ernie Macmillan, who gave them a clue about the cup, saying that the Hufflepuff ghost the Fat Friar had seen it before. They then went to the Hog's Head to enlist the help of Angelina's Mentor Aberforth Dumbledore. Reluctantly, he agreed to take Mundungus along and help them, and he suggested the help of Jerry Coin, who knew all about ancient artifacts. They found him at the Leaky Cauldron, as well as Fred's unlikely Mentor, Peeves the poltergeist. They infiltrated the vaults underneath Gringotts Wizarding Bank, and Peeves dropped rocks on the dragon guardian as Coin picked up Helga Hufflepuff's cup--which he then tried to take for his own. Katniss appeared out of nowhere to strike him down with an arrow, however, allowing the rest of the group to retrieve the cup, and Peeves then flew them up and out. Along the way, Angelina and George solidified their relationship while Fred took a keen interest in Katniss.

The Diadem
Ron and Hermione got into a row with Lavender while Cho looked on, still getting over the apparent loss of Cedric. After Hermione confirmed her love for Ron, he still allowed Lavender to come with him and Cho, which helped alleviate her mood a bit. Ron asked Luna and Hagrid for tips on the whereabouts of Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem, and the latter suggested starting in Knockturn Alley. They used Floo powder to travel but messed up the pronunciation and so ended up in Knock-Her Alley instead, a wizarding red-light district. There they met Finnick Odair, who knew the diadem was in Forks, Washington. So the three went there next, where Carlisle Cullen invited them to join his vampire family in a game of baseball. Their game was interrupted by Fenrir Greyback, who'd had his memory wiped by a witch's spell. No longer evil now, he wanted to join the Rebellion and do good. Another werewolf, Jacob Black, showed up to help and became smitten with Cho. Just then Cedric, now revealed as Edward Cullen, arrived, but Jacob wanted Cho to choose him over Edward. Lavender rebuked him, and Cho confessed her love for Cedric/Edward. At that point, the group found Victoria, an enemy of the Cullens' coven, wearing the diadem. When she tried to seduce Cedric/Edward, he beheaded her and took the diadem, then consented to rejoin the Rebellion at Cho's request.

The Snake
Padma became very upset with Neville and Hannah after the latter confused her for Parvati and the former's words failed to save the situation. Going into the abandoned Flourish & Blotts, she found a book by Gilderoy Lockhart to help change her appearance--but she accidentally changed herself into an ogre. Hannah and Neville took her to St. Mungo's Hospital. While she was recovering, Hannah attempted to cheer Neville up after seeing the condition of his invalid parents, but he was oblivious to her advances. Frustrated, she ushered Neville back to the Spell Damages ward, where he helped one of the St. Mungo's staff administer an orange potion to Padma that cleared up the last of her skin problem. With her released, the three wizards hitched a ride on the Knight Bus where conductor Stan Shunpike informed them of a snake on board. But instead of Nagini, it turned out to be the Brazilian snake whom Harry had encountered the summer before his first year at Hogwarts. The snake led them to the London Zoo, where Dudley Dursley just happened to be as well. Nagini snuck up behind Harry's cousin, but the Brazilian snake told Dudley (who somehow knew Parseltongue) to side with the wizards. Dudley informed them at once, and Neville conjured the sword of Godric Gryffindor and decapitated Nagini. Hannah and Neville shared a kiss at last as the Brazilian snake led Dudley away, a most unlikely partnership having formed between the two.

Though everyone else has succeeded at their quests, Harry, Luna, and Goyle alone have come up empty, searching for the mythical Deathly Hallows. But their mission hasn't been completely in vain: They've learned that most of their Mentors and other members of the Order of the Phoenix have been imprisoned at Azkaban (while Gellert Grindelwald continues to languish at Nurmengard) during the time the former Tributes hunted for Horcruxes. Returning to their headquarters at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, the three find the others have returned from their missions, all six Horcruxes in their possession, with only one of them (the snake) destroyed. Here, twenty-two former Tributes, plus two new allies gained from the Horcrux quests, gather to put an end to the Horcruxes for good and to plan the final phase of the War of Rebellion...

Special note: The Hallows was a later addition to The Horcruxes series of stories, after work on Endgame was already well underway. As such, the events in The Hallows do not take place in the same continuity as Endgame, but rather provide an alternate ending to the Horcruxes storyline.