The gong's echo floods the arena, and you begin to sprint from the Cornucopia, your ears ringing with screams of terror and frenzied shouts of "EXPELLIARMUS!" and "IMPEDIMENTA!" You doubt your legs have ever pumped this fast in your life, and you wince as a sharp cramp begins to claw at your left calf muscle. Checking to make sure that no one has followed you, you pause in your tracks and turn to survey the chaos you left behind. From this distance, though, you can't make out anything but a mass of jumbled figures -- some still upright, others not -- and occasional sparks and bursts of colored light.

A black cloud erupts from seemingly nowhere, obscuring your view of the Cornucopia entirely. You turn to run again and crash immediately into Crabbe and Goyle, who stand before you, grinning mischievously.

"Where the bloody hell did you two come from?" you cry out.

"Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder!" they declare, speaking in unison and gesturing toward the Cornucopia.

"Peruvian what?" you ask.

"We swiped it from one of those Weasley twins," Crabbe laughs. "They must have snuck it in, those cheating prats."

"But how did you sneak up on me like that?" you demand. "I didn't even see you coming!"

Goyle waves the invisibility cloak in front of you like a matador's cape, and you find yourself stunned by the pair's unexpected act of genius.

"That thing really must be one-size-fits-all," you sputter, snatching the cloak away from Goyle. Noticing the worried look on your friends' faces, you add, "Good work, you two. I'm surprised you didn't go for the butterbeer."

"And that's not all!" Crabbe declares, fishing something out from beneath his robe. "We took this from the Patil girls after they...after they..." Crabbe's voice trails off. You notice that one of his hands is covered in blood. Not letting him finish, you grab the wand and place it in your pocket.

"Right, then. We can't hang around here all day. I say we go into the forest. It's big, it's dark, no one will find us. Or what about that field over there?"

"The field, definitely!" Crabbe advises. "We can take cover in the grasses and keep an eye on the Cornucopia -- maybe go back for the butterbeer!"

Goyle nods in agreement, his forehead shining with perspiration.

Should you:
A.) Head for the field
B.) Go into the forest