You acknowledge to yourself that Crabbe and Goyle, as stupid as they are, are formidable allies due to their size and brute strength. Not keeping them around would be foolish, especially since you have no idea what you'll have to face in the arena. While you'd have no problem easily winning a wizard's duel, you know that you'd struggle in a physical brawl and could certainly do with a pair of loyal bodyguards to protect you. They'll be easy enough to dispose of when the time comes.

You glance at Crabbe and Goyle in turn, nodding at each to affirm your alliance. With only seconds left before the gong sounds, you turn your attention to the contents of the Cornucopia. A wide array of magical and non-magical objects spills out from the golden horn: wands, books, swords, a giant axe, quidditch equipment, cauldrons, and what appears to be a keg of butterbeer. And, to your surprise, lying a couple of feet to the right of a sack of green apples is a velvety heap of fabric that you instantly recognize as Potter's precious cloak of invisibility.

You know you're going to need a wand, and grabbing that bloody cloak could be a key move. Not only would you prevent Potter from getting it, you might be able to use it as a bargaining chip later. Congratulating yourself on your quick thinking, you begin to weigh your options.

Should you:
A.) Run into the Cornucopia and grab a wand and the invisibility cloak
B.) Run away