Written by Savanna New
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

You blink several times as you rise up in the tube, letting your eyes adjust to the bright sunlight beaming down from the sky. Remembering that it was quite overcast when you left Hogwarts earlier in the morning, you realize that the Gamemakers must be controlling the weather inside the arena (as well as everything else). Wonderful.

Despite having spent the days leading up to this one boasting about your training score and your "guaranteed victory," as the reality of the moment sets in, you can't help but feel a leaden tinge of fear worm its way into your gut. When your name was drawn in the Reaping you laughed it off, assuming that the Dark Lord would make an exception for you given the many years your family has spent loyally serving him. But he didn't. And here you are in the arena, surrounded by twenty-three of your classmates, all of whom must die in order for you to survive.

Last night, unable to sleep, you met with Crabbe and Goyle to discuss strategy. It seemed only natural for the three of you to form an alliance before the Games, given your years-old friendship and Slytherin bond. But as you scan the circle of bodies before you, you discover more than a few pairs of panicked eyes trained on you and realize that there's a massive target on your back. All of the other Tributes -- with the possible exception of Pansy Parkinson -- view you as an enemy, and you'll need more than just skill with a wand to emerge from this bloodbath victorious. It's going to take a good deal of cunning and intellect to make it out alive, and Crabbe and Goyle are as dumb as trolls and slow in more ways than one. Maybe you'd be better off alone...

And then there's the Potter matter. To your disbelief and disgust, Professor Snape -- your mentor -- urged you to stick with Harry Potter until the end. "Protect Potter," he hissed in your ear on the final day of training. "When only the two of you are left, the Dark Lord will finish him off." While you can't fathom the thought of working with that scarred prig, you actually start to wonder if you should take Snape's advice. There's no way Potter would go for it, though. Unless, perhaps, you can convince him that you know how to beat the system and escape the arena... Your father is a Death Eater, after all.

You know for a fact that Crabbe and Goyle would never get on board with this plan, though. They simply aren't capable of such complex thoughts. Beads of sweat begin to form on the back of your neck. You must make a decision, and fast.

Should you:
A.) Maintain your alliance with Crabbe and Goyle
B.) Change your mind and go it alone