You stare at the Cornucopia and refuse to acknowledge Crabbe and Goyle, whose eyes you can feel boring doughnut-sized holes into your forehead. A wide array of magical and non-magical objects spills out from the golden horn: wands, books, swords, a giant axe, quidditch equipment, cauldrons, and what appears to be a keg of butterbeer. And, to your surprise, lying a couple of feet to the right of a sack of green apples is a velvety heap of fabric that you instantly recognize as Potter's precious cloak of invisibility.

You know you're going to need a wand, and grabbing that bloody cloak could be a key move. Not only would you prevent Potter from getting it, but you might be able to use it as a bargaining chip later. Congratulating yourself on your quick thinking, you begin to weigh your options.

Should you:
A.) Run into the Cornucopia and grab a wand and the invisibility cloak
B.) Run away