As Draco Malfoy starts in your direction with a sinister smirk, you duck your head and use the size difference between you and other tributes to hide behind them. Soon, you are heading towards a small cluster of trees, which soon opens up into a dark forest, reminiscent of Harry’s stories of detentions in the Forbidden Forest. You remember the story about Voldemort drinking the unicorn’s blood, and you carefully look out for any animals.

Looking down, you stumble over a root and are soon tumbling over the other tributes in front of you: Cormac McLaggen and Katie Bell. You cautiously get up and stand in front of them, expecting them to attack and closing your eyes for a second, hoping that your journey won’t end now. They do something almost completely unexpected. They are forming an alliance and would like you to join. You think it over, knowing Cormac and Katie will be able to help you with physical fights and battle against the other tributes, but doubting whether they know how to live in an arena like this. You mull over your choices.

Should you:
A.) Form an alliance with Cormac and Katie
B.) Go it alone?