Written by Kate Farrell
Created by Adam Spunberg & Shylah Addante
Designed by Sam Cushion

Standing on a small platform, trying to stay as still as possible for the seconds that you must wait before you are free to enter the arena, you look around you at the other tributes. You canít focus on the tense goodbye you said to your stylists and mentor, or the moment you waited in the hovercraft, feeling your heart skip a beat as you realized maybe you wanted to die early; save your parents the grieving. Of course, as you stand on the platform, you look across at the other tributes, from Harry Potter to Cedric to Cormac, the Quidditch players who constantly inspire you at school with their athleticism and utter wizardry. The way you looked up to them was the same way your brother looks up to him. If you need to try for anyone, you need to try for your brother and the future of the world.

As you stare at the other 23 tributes, most, if not all, bigger than you, you gulp. The cornucopia gleams in the sun, catching every ray, but its heat doesnít reflect the utter coolness of everything it holds. You see some very useful items, like Extendable Ears, but you also see some fun food sources (Chocolate Frog, anyone?). You see the main wizards forge a path to the wands that are clearly meant for them, and you strain to find a wand as well. There is a hastily built, rough, oak wand, lying next to a camera, and you know these objects were placed here for you and could definitely help you in the arena. Still, the other tributes are preoccupied with getting to their own supplies, and would push you out of the way (or worse) to get to them.

Should you:
A.) Go for the Cornucopia
B.) Run away?