You head towards the Cornucopia, your eye on the camera and the wand, but you have misjudged the distance, which is much farther than you expect. The sun beats down on you, but you continue running. You are fast, and, as you look around at the other tributes fighting, you know that your speed is the reason you have escaped the bloodbath.

As you smile in triumph, you feel your shoe catch on a root, and your smile quickly turns as your face reflects your panic. You crash to the ground, your foot caught in what you now know is Devilís Snare. Glancing up, you know the sunlight will save you. However, Draco, who has already claimed his wand and a wealth of supplies from the Cornucopia, sees your struggle and instantly extends the branches of one of the trees nearby, so you are bathed in shadow and the Devilís Snare succeeds in killing you.