It was a clever decision to run away.

You turn your back and see a bunch of the strong ones like Viktor and Cormac head straight towards the Cornucopia. You continue running as fast as you can and permit yourself a few glances back at the glittering horn. It is utter chaos. Streaks of red, blue, and green light blur your sight, and a steady chorus of deafening shrieks permeate your ears. These are screams of death.

You know you have to run away from here as far as possible. But you hear someone scream a few feet away and it suddenly disrupts your thoughts.

"Cho! Help me! "

It is Cedric. His arms are incredibly bloody and you notice that he is limping as well. Your heart instantly breaks at such a pitiful sight. You want to keep on running but, at the same time, you know that you can't leave Cedric dying here alone. Helping him will surely slow you down and pose a great risk to both of your lives.

But you can't waste any more time.

Should you:
A.) Save Cedric
B.) Leave him and keep on running